A very warm welcome from the ladies of

de Stoute Vrouw®
(the Naughty Woman)

Woman/Woman only

Company & Escort

There's an exclusive & powerful woman's world in the Netherlands.
*Licensed & Legal*

Pack your bags & rainbow, we're waiting for you...


Release Your Rainbow

There you are!
You finally found the best kept, most delighful secret for women: the naughty woman

Are you in the mood
for the pleasurable and naughty company of a woman?
Smile, because this is the place to be.
That explicitly means the presence of a man is not allowed. 

exclusively meant for women,
given by powerful LBT-women,
legal & licensed, safe, and personal.

What we stand for? 
A personal approach, respect, mutual consent, excitement, sensuality, sex, overheated conversations, sexual healing, experimenting, guidance, womenpower... yes, you read that right; womenpower...and so much more; everything that makes women so incredibly great.

Share your most beautiful fantasy, your wildest dream, your naughtiest desire. The ladies of the Naughty woman are here, because they are pioneers, love women, love adventure and feel strongly about setting a new standard:
women should feel free to express lust and desires (without getting shamed by anyone).

Are you dealing with insecurities? Talking about it, can do wonders. Experimenting physically in a safe environment, within your boundaries can be life changing.
We also offer the possibility to safely guide you in a individualised and customized date after a bad experience. Psygologists and people working with mental health issues found the way to this company as well.
Goes without saying that persons with a disability are most welcome as well.

Interested in what the international press has to say?

30-10-2023 podcast in English with the Sarah Tekath: Amsterdames 

Ask for our possibilities to let you experience a heavenly, erotic and sensual (maybe your first) time with a woman.
We offer the delights of women, age from 21 up to over 50.
The ladies are passionate to meet your needs.
Of course there are pictures. Some of you love to see them, but also some of you do not want to see them, so they're not on the website. But you're welcome to ask.

We are happy to make your stay in the Netherlands

No Need.
It's our pleasure to fulfil  your needs and desires.
Special requests? First time? Always fantasized about a woman, or two ? BDSM interest? You want to experience toys, or just tender soft women-cuddles?

Or you perhaps had a bad experience and feel nervous to be intimate again? 
Share...you're not the only one. We offer specialized dates to learn to enjoy your own body and sexuality again, at your pace.

First time?
You probably glanced at women, sighing, wondering how your lips would feel, if they'd touch hers...how her smile would lighten up your heart feeling her body...
The first time... the anticipation .....we've all been there, we know  how that excitement feels...and how nervous uoi might be.

Never had a face to face, sensual, naughty conversation with a woman?
Maybe it's time you should.
Especially for you we offer a teaser date:
You get the chance to explore your feelings in a comfortable, relaxed setting. No pressure or needing to prove yourself in any way.;
You don't go all the way, a little kiss, a hand subtly touching your skin..
Just having a drink, a flirt and intense sexy female tension to go with it..

Your accomodation is important.
Meaning; a hotel is perfect, a hostel, where you share a room with others, is not the place to meet and be intimate with someone.

The ladies speak English fluently. Some of them also speak additional languages. A few introduce themselves in English, French or Italian

Please also feel free to share your preferences.
For example the type of woman you would like to meet: a femme, a butch, a non binary person, a feisty lady, a down-to-earth person, someone in between. If you have no idea what that means; no problem, ask me. If you know exactly what it means, you know how important the right one is.
Age, maybe a bodytype, tattoos/piercings or not, let me know.

Perhaps you're interested in BDSM, starting to, or it's already your way of life. Nikki is the one to meet.

A massagedoesn't only sound good; it is.
A sensual body massage doesn't only sound exciting; it is!
Miss-S is our massage specialist. (No Sexual acts)

Ever dreamed about a threesome?
You are not the only one.
Oh yes, women are playful and experimenting creatures.
With your partner, or... with two naughty women. Getting the compossition, the vibe, the dynamics, exactly right..it's my pleasure to create magic for you.

We are also here if you find it challenging to tackle autism or vaginismaus and intimacy.

I started this because of my intense love for women and my playful, openminded crave for sex & intimacy ;)

All women need a safe & supportive place, to stimulate them in finding their sexual selves (back).

We guide you with love, and we play with pleasure, 
from wherever your journey starts to wherever you want it to go...

feel warmly invited to contact me for information.

Lex x

Some seriousness...

Things we think are normal, and we know you will too.

- Mutual consent
- Mutual respect
- No drugs
- Limited use of alcohol (otherwise you'll forget your lovely experience ;)) and you're not able to give consent.
- Personal hygiene
- Kindness
- And once again; no men allowed. No means no!

- Intrusive an disrespectful to the lady and me: giving your phonenumber to the lady hoping she will meet you privately or for another rate. You will be blocked for future bookings
- Trans women: mention pre-op status during the process of booking a date
- Don't negotiate about the rate. You don't handover half your month salary either, do you?
- Booking an escort lady doesn't mean you have carte blanche on her body or mind.  She has boundaries, just like you. Do not cross them.  
   She will never cross yours.

- This is a legal, licensed, escort agency, which means we have absolutely no problem to call the police when necessary.
-When you suddenly cease all communication, after you first make several ladies check/rearrange their schedule for a potential date with
  you, you will be blocked from future bookings. It's disrespectful and rude to leave us hanging without communicating a decent cancellation.

This company has no link or involvement with other agencies. Fully copy/paste texts unfortunately appeared on many sites.

The only place  "de Stoute Vrouw" is active is on X, for insights and light sensual entertainment.
This company does not advertise anywhere, does not try to persuade or pressure you into a booking.
If you can't stop thinking about it, you'll find us anyway  ; )

contact: daily from 9.00 until 21.00 (CET)


anonymous phonecalls will not be answered +31 6 29523423




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