Working for de Stoute Vrouw

Note: you need to be living here, meaning you have a Dutch home address and a Dutch bank account.

Of course I understand you're eager and excited to be a lesbian escort at my company. And yes, it is as amazing, rewarding and honourable as you might expect.
But do not be mistaken;
It is also emotionally challenging, therapeutic and extremely responsible work. You will be a milestone, a naughty memory, a tutor, a sexual healer.
After way too many job applications like "hey are you hiring", I feel the need to explain a few things:

No, I'm not "just" hiring and no
you can't just "sign up"

Introduce yourself properly. No-name messages are suspicious, weird and disrespectful; what is your point, you want to be part of my team but won't tell me your name? Besides, I need an ID copy when you start to work as a naughty woman.

Our clients are treasures.
All of them.
Every woman who seeks contact, whether eventually proceeding a booking or not, will be treated as how all women should be treated: with respect, understanding, hearfelt kindness and thoughtfullness.
Women of every age, skin colour, bodytype.
We are here to delicately, and with consent, guide or escort them into a wonderful, unforgettable women-only experience.
Often, their first time with a woman. Sometimes their first time, period.

Imagine how tough and bold you have to be to collect all your courage after perhaps a (very) bad sexual experience and reach out to take control of your life again.
Or you decided to finally come out and celebrate your new you.
What if you live in a country where that new you is unsafe and will most likely be threatened or worse?
What if you don't know who you feel attracted to and want to find out?
Or you haven't been intimate with another person for a very long time and feel insecure?
Or you dreamed about this moment for half of your life.
Or you love to play, experience kinks, to be with women and sex is your happy place.

Working here, means you are part of the LBTQI+ community. You're aware of rainbow-slang, you have the social skills to adapt to all queer mindsets and moods. You embody the philosophy of my company.
It also means you are a pioneer, you care and fight for women and their position in society (without bashing men)
You know how to set boundaries and how to recognize the ones of others, even when not explicitly told, and you respect them. You are able to keep a delightful conversation going, especially by listening. Your communication skills are out of this world. Verbally and non-verbally. You're not looking for a date yourself, you're not trying to boost your own sex life.

It means you're an extraordinary lady, and I am honored by your presence.
Not because of what you look like on the outside,
not because of your weight.
not because of your age,
not because of your bodytype,
not because of your skin colour,
but because of your magic on the inside!

Send your application to me, Lex: