What if you don't you feel confident or okay?

We are all women, and we also know the facts and figures about how often women experience something in their sexual life they should'nt have.

When you experienced a traumatizing sexual situation, professional psychological help is necessary.

At some point in your life is talking about it, maybe isn't enough anymore.
Trying to enjoy intimacy again is a huge part of healing. But how to experience that in a safe way, with trust, with patience?
The gentle and understanding hands of a woman can maybe help you with that.
If you thinkl you're ready to slowly feel that joy again, please know that, also for you, we are here. The ladies of "de Stoute Vrouw" have succesfully guided many women in their personal proces to, learn to enjoy again.
You will be in complete control; you make the rules, make all the decisions.
Everything at your pace, your comfort.

Not only a bad experience can make you stop enjoying your body, your sexuality.
A low self-esteem, for what ever reason makes you often stop having, or not even start having, pleasurable intimacy.
That's not something that goes away by buying a new dress or a good night out. It goes so much deeper than that.
Again, trust, patience & safety are the magic words to start your process to love yourself (again). 

Describe and share what you think you need, what you hope for, what you wish for. You are in charge of every second of your date.

Mutual consent, goes without saying for us

Check the profile of Liv for her knowledge of vaginismus

Check this page about autism if neurodiversity is a theme for you